Artificial turf also requires maintenance.

Deep cleaning once a year is advisable.

We will take care of the annual maintenance if you wish.


Even though artificial turf is considerably less complicated than natural grass, there are certain maintenance standards that should be retained to ensure playing comfort. Regular maintenance includes brushing the blades of grass and removing coarse dirt like leaves and litter. As these measures are relatively simple, most clubs take care of them themselves.

Besides this regular maintenance, deep cleaning about once a year is advisable. In the course of that, the material that was sprinkled in is removed from the artificial turf with a machine. Then the material passes through a vibrating sieve that removes dirt such as litter, leaves and organic substances.

The granulate material extracted during the cleaning is subsequently incorporated in the artificial turf again. Particles of dirt and dust are vacuumed off with a dirt filter and collected separately.

Furthermore, the fibres are given a brush during this maintenance procedure, which decompacts the entire ground.

As buying such a machine is not worth for most cities and communities due to low utilization, we offer to take care of the entire annual maintenance.

Our maintenance is tested and certified by RAL. You can therefore rest assured that we provide maintenance that complies with all quality standards using cutting-edge technologies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We will give you a non-binding offer.

Maintenance Objectives

  • Ideal playing conditions
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Avoiding damage
  • Extending the useful life

For best playing conditions

Our deep cleaning

What our Maintenance includes

The Maintenance Package

Our package is an opportunity for cities, communities and associations to get a maintained pitch without buying special machines.



Our maintenance staff checks the ground for possible unevenness, damage and other danger spots.

Deep cleaning


Depending on the individual surface, we will bring the appropriate maintenance device and carry out comprehensive deep cleaning of your sports ground.



In order to retain the playing comfort, we give the fibres a brush with our maintenance devices at every maintenance visit.

Sand & granules


Depending on the individual makeup of the ground, we refill sand and granulate if something is missing.

Penalty spots

We thoroughly check and refill the penalty points to ensure that the turf is not damaged at these frequently used spots.



Upon request, our repair specialists can repair damage you discover at penalty spots, seams, lines or the artificial turf quickly and without hassle.



Together with you, we will compose a maintenance concept tailored for your individual sports ground. We will carry out the maintenance measures on a regular basis or as required. Feel free to contact us for more information.