The foundation.

Artificial turf grounds also require solid foundations.

The gravel-bearing layer is the key element of every sports ground. The professional installation and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting satisfaction and secure investments.

How it works

The gravel-bearing layer is the foundation of every artificial turf ground. With a minimum thickness of 200 mm it provides sufficient stability for the construction. The usual grain size of the gravel is 0/32 to 0/45mm. Gravel with low fine particle shares are used to ensure long-term frost resistance and water permeability.

This is supported by the gentle installation of the gravel-bearing layer with finishers. Due to the way the finisher works, segmentation of the gravel is avoided and the bearing layer is installed with constant layer thickness. This is possible thanks to the laser-controlled height setting of the finisher. This also provides absolute evenness and equal compaction.

Furthermore, there are the following additional technical requirements.


Technical Requirements

  • Stability
  • Water permeability
  • Slope
  • Evenness
  • Filter stability


We install gravel-bearing layers using so-called finishers in order to construct a homogeneous construction that lives up to the requirements. The elevation, slope and evenness are defined and observed by the laser control. Sports grounds are usually built with a hipped roof pitch of 0.8% to all directions. This ensures that surface water runs off to surrounding drainage channels.

The gravel is installed with a finisher and subsequently compacted with a tandem roller. As the gravel-bearing layer is the foundation of the elastic layer, precise work is crucial. This is because the requirements for the elastic layer like for example consistent force reduction can only be met if they are installed at constant layer thickness.

This means that the evenness of the ballast bed influences the elastic layer’s quality and therefore the quality of the entire artificial turf system.

Why we are ahead


Our competitive lead is due to our position as a system provider. Since we can execute all works ourselves we can assure that our entire system will meet any requirements without fuss or quibble.



The laser-controlled installation of the gravel-bearing layer and consistent compaction provide absolute evenness of the elastic layer.

Consistent compaction


Consistent compaction of the gravel-bearing layer is achieved due to the homogeneous installation of the material using a finisher.



We exclusively use tested material for our gravel-bearing layers to avoid problems like separation due to freezing or insufficient water permeability.