Up to 200,000 blades per square metre.

To make sure that the ball rolls.

It is often said that the turf influences the outcome of a match. We think this reputation is well-deserved!

A declaration of love

Natural grass

Most football players clearly prefer natural grass if it is well maintained. The special feeling of stopping in the grass with football shoes and the natural smell and feel are aspects that not even the best artificial turf can replace.

Turf consists of a culture of living plants, and its function of producing oxygen and acting as an air cleaner should not be underestimated.

Contemporary sports turf is characterized by high resilience and shear strength of the sod as well as by short recovery periods and frequent playability, deep green and dense growth. Even and dry playing areas are taken for granted even though they are the result of many qualified steps.

National league professionals and amateurs alike appreciate the high quality of foundations, turf-bearing layers and grass surfaces of the heiler company.


A lawn always consists of a multitude of different varieties of lawn grass. But among the great range of varieties in nature there are less than 10 varieties suitable for artificial turf. Several hundred varieties that are now used in lawn mixtures for their special characteristics and qualifications were cultivated. Meadow grass (Poa P) and winter ryegrass (L p) have proven especially suitable for sports turf.

Besides the selection of high-quality varieties, the purity of the seeds is especially important. heiler emphasizes seed consistency and only purchases high-quality seeds from the respective most recent harvest. This special quality is one of the foundations for the distinctiveness of a turf or renovation by heiler. The use of pneumatic harrows guarantees precise seed output without separation. Thanks to even distribution, every seed enjoys ideal conditions from the very beginning and can shoot without any interference and at equal distances.

Rolled turf

Rolled turf is the description for turf that has grown on the farmland of a turf nursery under ideal conditions and that was subsequently peeled off with a thickness of 15-45 mm, then rolled, transported and unrolled on a sports ground.

In turf nurseries the turf is regularly mowed, manured and irrigated, therefore growing under ideal conditions. Other grass varieties or plants will not be found in the turf thanks to the high quality of the seeds used.

In the area of sports ground construction the rolled turf used is so-called thick turf, meaning that the turf is peeled off together with a part of its roots. Due to their increased own weight, these thick turfs are relatively resilient and can immediately be played on.

Therefore rolled turf not only allows the separate exchange of the goal areas but also renewing the entire playing area within a very short time.

Quality criterions

  • Seed mixture
  • Method of output
  • Maintenance
  • Root growth
  • Turf density

Why we are ahead


Natural grass is our passion. As gardening and landscaping experts, we think that natural grass is an important aspect for professional football. We have been creating natural grass areas for more than forty years; therefore we have acquired extensive know-how and equipment. There are not many national league clubs left that do not count on us when it comes to natural grass.



The laser-controlled installation of the turf-bearing layer as well as uniform compaction of same provides absolute evenness of the sports turf. When fitting the turf, we smooth unevenness caused by vehicles in order to guarantee an even total area.

Selection of varieties


We swear by grass varieties that are specially designed to complement each other to make sure the sports turf is characterized by high shear strength, rapid recovery and resilience.

Premium turf


Our partners in the area of turf nurseries provide cultivation conditions that are unique across Europe: The best soils, extensive farmland areas (without other grass varieties), special techniques for peeling and maintaining the turf.



We are constantly updating and optimising our technology to improve quality and raise the bar even further.


Ideal planning, clear processes and perfectly trained staff enable us to exchange the turf within one night if necessary.



The quality of natural grass maintenance is highly dependent on the first maintenance days. To make sure that our customers are not left behind, we offer to take care of the entire maintenance procedure for the first few weeks.