Hybrid turf.

The first hybrid turf made of bioplastics in the world.

For sustainability in professional football.

Hybrid bearing-layer in heiler quality

Sporthybrid Turf

So-called hybrid bearing layers are an alternative to hybrid turf systems. Hybrid bearing layers strengthen the root horizon and therefore protect the turf against damage effectively.

Synthetic fibres are added to strengthen the turf-bearing layer. Together with the roots, they create an extremely stable and resilient sports turf. Polypropylene or polyethylene fibres in different lengths and diameters have been used for previous systems. The improvements that were achieved concerning shear strength and evenness of these systems are significant.

Thanks to the hybrid bearing layer Sporthybrid T, we now stock the first hybrid bearing layer made of bioplastics in the world. We use plastics produced from renewable raw materials to reinforce the fibres.

This sustainable and resource-saving innovation that we implented with various partners is now available. Renewable raw materials are used for production, and Sporthybrid T fibres are also biodegradable. Under composting conditions the bioplastics degrade entirely.

The Sporthybrid T fibre has many advantages during the utilization phase:

Green waste does not have to be collected and disposed of as residual waste. Grass clippings and scarified material can be disposed of as green waste thanks to the Sporthybrid T fibres since they do not contain any synthetic plastics.

But the Sporthybrid T system also offers ecological and economic advantages concerning its removal. Usual hybrid turf bearing layers and hybrid bearing layers entail significant removal costs as the plastics included cannot be separated entirely from the rooted turf-bearing layer, which means that the turf-bearing layer that was used has to be disposed of.

Since the Sporthybrid T fibre is biodegradable but at the same time robust enough to be used several times, the Sporthybrid T system is economically more viable than other systems when taking into account the whole life cost, despite higher initial investment. The initial investment is higher because the material costs of plastics produced from renewable raw materials and biodegradable plastics are still relatively high since their sales volumes have been rather low so far.

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Installation, Returfing, Recycling

Hybrid turf without risks

Depending on time and financial requirements, heiler Sporthybrid Turf can either be sown or laid as a pre-cultivated turf. In case of need, it is exchangeable within 24 hours.

heiler Sporthybrid Turf

Advantages & Installation

Our advantage

System provider

As experienced specialists in the production of turf-bearing layers and natural grass sports grounds, we are now adding hybrid turf to our range of products. Our quick working speed and excellent quality will set new standards in our sector.

Many services – one company

The fact that we can provide the foundation, the seeding and the fitting of natural grass as well as the tufting of the synthetic grass fibres brings many advantages. For example we are faster and more flexible since the individual tasks can be organised and coordinated more effectively.

One contact person

Our customers have one contact person for all the trades on their sports ground. 


Renovation & Maintenance

We take care of all annual renovation measures such as milling, levelling and reseeding if you wish. We work flexibly, we meet the deadlines and we guarantee all our Sporthybrid customers exclusive treatment to assure that repairs and renovations can be carried out on short notice. 


Natural materials

As there are also ecological requirements along with the functional and the economic requirements, we offer the first hybrid bearing layer produced from renewable and biodegradable raw materials.


The application of special-purpose machines and the immediate repair of uneven spots provide even smoother results.


The special construction of our mixing system and the exceptional thickness of the fibres we use provide a much more homogeneous fibre-bearing layer mixture than other systems.

Service & Trust


Since we as a system provider for the construction of sports grounds mainly operate in Germany, we are interested in long-term partnerships. 

Our references show: We respond to our customers’ trust with the best service possible, no matter what it is regarding.

Interested in a Sporthybrid T hybrid turf?


Together with you, we will compose a hybrid turf concept tailored for your individual sports ground. Feel free to contact us for more information.