Hybrid turf for professional football

Hybrid turf

Sustainable Hybrid Turf Wolfsburg

Sporthybrid Turf

The first hybrid turf made of bioplastics in the world. Sporthybrid Turf enhances the benefits of natural grass and compensates its disadvantages.

Hybrid Turf Mainz 05

Sporthybrid R

Hybrid turf made in Germany. As a system supplier we are in a position to offer you the conversion of a natural grass ground into a hybrid turf ground as a turnkey project.


Turf heating systems for professional football

Heating systems

Turf Heating Holstein Kiel

Turf heating systems

Turf heating systems for perfect training conditions all year long.


The quality of the foundation influences the playing and operational characteristics significantly.

Underground Construction

Excavator heiler

Underground Construction

Extensive earthworks might be necessary to build the foundation of a sports ground. Be it earthwork balance, soil stabilisation, or alteration of levels – we will get the job done.

Drainage Sports Ground


Drainage systems avoid soil wetness on the sports ground by leading accruing rain water away, thereby guaranteeing that the ground dries quickly.

Sports Ground Drainage

Drainage layer

No wet spots on the sports ground even after heavy rain. The material, the thickness of the layer and professional installation are decisive.


Turf needs love!


Hybrid Turf Maintenance

Hybrid turf maintenance

Sporthybrid R should be renovated once every year in the summer to reestablish the original condition by the start of a new season