2,000 tons per sportsground.

To ensure that the turf enjoys best conditions.

The turf-bearing layer is the key component of a natural grass sports ground. Both the playing quality and the useful life depend on the components, composition and installation.

How it works

The turf-bearing layer is the top layer of the ground below the sod. In the major “vegetation unfriendly” football stadiums the turf-bearing layer is of particular importance as it is always involved in drainage and root growth.

Washed sands, lava sands and sieved top soil that is free of stones are used as major structural components. Peat and quality compost are suitable structural components. The mixture ratios are adjusted to the respective local conditions according to the structural components‘ grain sizes and mixed under constant laboratory control.


Technical requirements

  • Water permeability
  • Water storage
  • Frost resistance
  • Shear strength
  • Slope
  • Evenness
  • Soil reaction (pH-value)
  • Plant compatibility
  • Compactness of the ground
  • Pore volume


A soil shaft mixer with an integrated digital balance that guarantees “crumble-friendly” mixing is best for producing the mixture. Nowadays the turf-bearing layer is applied evenly in one layer using a laser-controlled bulldozer that operates forwards or a special finisher.

When using the finisher for installation, it must be ensured that the underlying drainage layer is only driven on by tracked vehicles or special-purpose dumpers with balloon tyres. We can apply both installation techniques as our fleet of vehicles includes all required vehicles.

We also have developed special techniques and procedures for the treatment of old turf-bearing layers that ensure both sporting and economic success.

Why we are ahead


Regarding the production or treatment of turf-bearing layers, we can draw upon experience of constructing more than 20 national league or world championship stadiums and a multitude of other sports and training grounds all over Germany.



The laser-controlled installation of the turf-bearing layer and uniform compaction provide absolute evenness of the sports turf.

Consistent compaction


We guarantee uniform compaction by driving on turf-bearing layers with tracked vehicles and balloon tyres only.

Laboratory tests


To ensure that all parameters of the turf-bearing layer meet with the customer’s requirements, our turf-bearing layers are mixed individually on site. Regular laboratory tests guarantee the quality of the installed turf-bearing layers.



We achieve the working speed we are known for through forward planning, optimised processes and cutting-edge technology.



We only use tested materials for our turf-bearing layers to guarantee consistent quality.

Mixture ratio


The mixture of the individual components is subject to the requirements of the individual customer as well as the geographic and geological conditions.