Sometimes you need to go down first if you want to fly high.

Civil engineering in all scales.

Extensive earthworks might be necessary to build the foundation of a sports ground. Be it earthwork balance, soil stabilisation, or alteration of levels – we will get the job done.

How it works

Extensive earthworks might be necessary especially when sports grounds are built from scratch. In order to bring areas to equal levels, a so-called earthwork balance will be carried out. In the course of that, an intermediate level will be chosen and the soil distributed equally.

This provides an even foundation without the need to fill in new soil. Furthermore, it might be necessary to stabilise the soil. In comparison to soil exchange, this is an economic solution for the creation of a solid foundation.


Technical requirements

  • Carrying capacity
  • Evenness



As a system provider in the sector of sports ground construction, we are in a position to carry out all works in relation to sports grounds with our own staff and machines, enabling us to provide our customers with a consistent and long-lasting comprehensive package.

Especially the combination of civil engineering and the construction of sports grounds is a good way of avoiding problems with stability, evenness and water drainage. We are ahead of many of our competitors in the area of civil engineering thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

Special-purpose machines


In order to live up to the special requirements and products regarding the construction of sports grounds, we are continuously optimising our machines. Therefore we cooperate with construction equipment manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies and many other experts. Our two main objectives are quality and efficiency.

Fleet of vehicles


We have a unique fleet of vehicles. Everyone who has ever worked with us knows that our fleet of vehicles enables us to provide the best quality in the shortest time.



Even though outsiders often perceive the sector of sports ground construction as a niche, it is in fact an interdisciplinary business field. We cooperate with grass and tree nurseries, building materials suppliers, artificial lawn manufacturers, mechanical engineers, fertilizer manufacturers and a large number of suppliers in order to smoothly construct the final product, the sports ground



Thanks to our roots in the area of gardening and landscaping we have an extensive know-how in the construction of sports grounds, inspiring us to develop further innovative ways of construction in order to meet our customers’ requirements better.