Rain water drainage.

No wet spots on the sports ground even after heavy rain.

The material, the thickness of the layer and professional installation are decisive.

How it works

The drainage layer is to absorb and distribute rain and to lead it to the drains. As this layer in the sports ground is located directly below the turf-bearing layer, the drainage layer is not to be built from slag or other materials that are hostile to vegetation.


Technical Requirements

  • Water permeability
  • Filter stability
  • Layer thickness
  • Grain size distribution
  • Frost resistance
  • Evenness
  • Slope


Nowadays the grain size in the drainage layer is adjusted to the grain size of the turf-bearing layer. The maximum grain size should not exceed 32mm. As for the filling of the drainage, equal grain distribution and therefore appropriate stability and filter quality are of great importance. Every material our company uses is tested by our certified laboratory partners before use.

The drainage layer is installed with a tracked vehicle that operates backwards. Only tracked vehicles are to drive on the drainage layer during installation. We use tracked vehicles with chains for soft ground and completely automatic laser control to keep ground pressure to a minimum. Completely automatic laser control ensures that the roof pitch is exactly 0.8 % on the entire sports turf area.

Why we are ahead


The installation of drainage layers is just another part of the entire product for us as a system provider. Experience, technology, good suppliers and regular laboratory tests foster our competitive lead regarding the foundation of sports facilities.

Evenness, layer thickness & slope


The laser-controlled installation of the drainage layer ensures that the layer thickness is ensured at constant slope. Furthermore, laser control reliably avoids unevenness.

Consistent compaction


Consistent compaction of the drainage layer is crucial for guaranteeing water permeability. Therefore we only install drainage systems with tracked vehicles.

Water permeability & Frost resistance


We check for every individual case that water permeability according to DIN 18035-5 and resistance against freeze-thaw according to DIN EN 1367-1 is guaranteed.



The working speed that we are famous for is achieved through advance planning, optimised processes and cutting-edge technology.



We only use tested material for our drainage layers to avoid any problems whatsoever.

Laboratory tests


Our laboratory partners support us in assuring material quality. Therefore, the decisive parameters are checked for every individual project to ensure that we achieve the highest quality possible for every individual component.