Invisible water transport.

Matches will not be interrupted because of rain.

Drainage systems avoid soil wetness on the sports ground by leading accruing rain water away, thereby guaranteeing that the ground dries quickly.

How it works

The drainage pipes that run along the ground, so-called vacuums, are installed with a slight slope. They transport the rain water to the collectors running alongside the ground. The collectors transport the water to a sewer, drainage or central infiltration ditch.


Requirements for the Drainage

  • Dimensioning
  • Slope


  • Water permeability
  • Frost resistance
  • Content of fine particles
  • Grain size distribution


The drainage trenches are cut into the ground with a slight slope by means of a laser-controlled trencher. Then the drainage pipe is put into the trench. Afterwards the trench is filled up with filter stable gravel up to the lower edge of the drainage layer.

We use a special-purpose machine built by ourselves for filling up the drainage trenches which ensures that the drainage pipe is located in the middle of the trench, therefore entirely surrounded by filter stable material.

In the last step, the trench is compacted to avoid settlement later on. In order to avoid silting, we only use gravel that was tested for filter stability.



All components of our total system are optimized and adjusted to one another so we can guarantee our customers long-time quality of their sports facilities. Especially regarding foundation and drainage we enjoy a big advantage regarding quality compared to many of our competitors who are not in a position to operate as system providers.

Slopes & elevations


The exact elevation and the exact slope of the drainage system are decisive for water drainage. Three factors influence precision: The trencher, the laser control and the precision exercised during work.

Selected materials


The drain materials used are tested for sufficient water permeability to avoid insufficient water drainage and silting of the drainage.



Sufficient compaction of the drainage branches is crucial for the quality of the sports ground as settlement would lead to unevenness.