Hybrid turf renovation

Precision work for the best results.

We know what is important for a Premier League pitch.


Hybrid turf systems are sensitive high-tech products which operate ideally when all related parameters are adjusted properly. To ensure this, hybrid turf systems must be renovated annually.

Due to dead plant particles accumulating between the grass plants, natural turf grows up to 1 centimetre above the artificial fibres each year. Subsequently, the artificial fibres protrude too little. In order to ensure that the system functions reliably this accumulation should be removed each year.

To remove the surface grass thatch from the system, we use the Koro Fieldtopmaker and a certain shaft. The special blades make sure that the artificial fibres are not damaged in this step.

Depending on the specific requirement, sand or a turf-bearing layer of sufficient strength are applied and equalised afterwards. Finally, new grass is sown in the area. About eight weeks later, the pitch is ready for the next game.

Our entire maintenance is individually adjusted to the actual circumstances. Thereby, we succeed in maximising the lifespan of the hybrid turf system.

Objectives of hybrid turf maintenance

  • Remove thatch
  • Precise protrusion of the artificial fibres
  • Increased evenness
  • Renewal of the natural turf proportion

Grass by professionals. Care by professionals.


1. Examination

Before every renovation measure an individual concept is developed which exactly contains the work stages that are necessary on the respective pitch.

2. Milling

The milling of the organic layer takes place in several transitions depending on the layer thickness.

3. Smoothing out and sweeping

A special machine picks up the last organic parts. The turf-bearing layer is loosened and leveled.

4. Brushing

In order to clean the root area of any remaining fibre tips, the entire ground is brushed over in two rounds.

5. Interspersal

Depending on the required quantity, an individually mixed turf-bearing layer is scattered and worked in between the artificial fibres in one or more transitions.

6. Levelling

To compensate existing bumps, the entire area is equalized by a final brushing.

7. Sowing

To finish the project, the entire ground is freshly sown with our special sowing device. In the course of this, a special grass mixture – exactly adapted for hybrid turfs – is applied.