These clubs rely on heiler.

Selection of our current projects.

Training Ground

Holstein Kiel

In 2020, extensive modernization work was carried out at the Holstein Kiel training grounds. After the dismantling of the former training grounds 1 to 3, the new training grounds 4 and 5 were created on an area of ​​around 25,000 m². Both pitches were rebuilt from the ground up and equipped with turf heating, an irrigation and a 400 lux floodlight system. G
The heiler Sporthybrid R, a modern hybrid turf with a mix of artificial and natural turf fibers, was professionally installed on training ground 4. Additional training areas for goalkeeping and athletics training are available at the end zones of both training grounds. A paved area for the press and photographers was created above the squares, which guarantees a good view of both pitches. T
he pitches are surrounded by around 600 m of fences in bright Kiel blue.
Both the arena in the CITTI FUSSBALL PARK and pitch 2 were renovated with a new structure including drainage, sprinkler system, drainage layer and fresh turf base layer. The arena was equipped with the heiler Sporthybrid R at the end of July.

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